Walking Blog

This is a diary of my walking.

My thoughts. My feelings. My drawings. My photographs. My journey. My experience.

  • Friday 4th January 2013
    A walk around Clumber Park with the family for my first walk of the year. Now work has calmed down after the christmas madness it was nice to get away for a few hours and start thinking about walking and my… Read more: Friday 4th January 2013
  • Sunday 30th December 2012
    I visited Rufford Abbey Country Park and it was so nice just to get out and stretch my legs and get some fresh air. The winter sun was low in the sky illuminating the lake so beautifully and after a bowl… Read more: Sunday 30th December 2012
  • diaryofawalker.tumblr.com
    From now on I will be putting all the walks I have been on, onto this new blog here but to view all my previous posts and photographs go to diaryofawalker.tumblr.com