• Bulwell Arts Festival 2014
    This year Bulwell launches its first ever Arts Festival and I have the wonderful opportunity in exhibiting my work in a shop window in Bulwell for the week. Five pieces are going to be showcased in ‘Oasis’ shop window which is… Read more: Bulwell Arts Festival 2014
  • Between the River and the Sea
    My work ‘Black Water of Dee River (Otter’s Pool)’  is currently on show in Gloucester at The Old Passage in the exhibition ‘Between the River and the Sea.’ A book to accompany this exhibition has also been published by Kel Portman… Read more: Between the River and the Sea
  • PDA Young Artists Award
    I was shortlisted for the Peak District Artisans Young Artist of the year award for the piece ‘The water flows silently in the valley below the Raider’s Road.’ I was very excited by this prospect but unfortunately I didn’t get any… Read more: PDA Young Artists Award
  • Art Prints
    There are now two more pieces of work that are available as art prints they are: ‘A cluster of trees silhouetted by the bright blue sky II’ and ‘The water flows silently in the valley below the Raider’s Road.’ Please contact… Read more: Art Prints
  • Colour
    I decided to add some colour to my work, It is something that I have been contemplating for a while and so I decided to give It a go. I am quite pleased with the end result to say it is… Read more: Colour
  • Art Prints
    I now have art prints of three of my drawings: ‘The land is now so barren’ ‘Murray’s View; Dumfries and Galloway’ ‘Hawthorn trees overlooking Carsington Water’ These are all available for sale in differing sizes. Please contact me if interested.
  • GO 2013
    My work is now being exhibited in GO 2013. This is Grimsby’s first open exhibition and runs until the 15th September. I have three pieces of work included in the exhibition, ‘The land is now so barren,’ ‘Murray’s View; Dumfries and… Read more: GO 2013
  • Between the Woods and the Water publication
    A book has been published to support the exhibition Between the Woods and the Water. It is published by alongside Kel Portman and Walking the land and is available to buy from the website.  
  • Between the Woods and the Water exhibition
    Three pieces of my work; ‘The trees descend into a wood along Glen Trool,’ ‘The water flows silently into the valley below the Raider’s Road’ and ‘Chasing the water on the Merrick Trail’  have been accepted into the exhibition ‘Between the Woods and the… Read more: Between the Woods and the Water exhibition
  • (no title)
    I’ve started my first drawing of the new year, feels so good to put pen to paper and to take some time out to draw.
  • Midlands Open 2012
    Two of my drawings ‘A lone walker passes by me’ and ‘Purple Heather surrounds the solitary tree on the cliff edge’ have been selected to appear in the Midlands Open 2012 show at the Tarpey Gallery, Nottingham. The exhibition opens this… Read more: Midlands Open 2012
  • Crocus Open Show
    My drawing ‘The newly formed leaves whisper against the warm spring breeze’ currently being shown in the Crocus Gallery, Nottingham was shortlisted for a solo exhibition. The work that won was great and thoroughly deserved to win. The exhibition is excellent… Read more: Crocus Open Show
  • Twycross Gallery
    From Friday 23rd November 2012 my work will be on show within the Twycross Gallery at Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire. It launches this weekend as part of their Winter Wonderland Event.